Friday, November 15, 2013

Interactive Trail Maps

This post features some of the maps I have created in a variety of formats: vector graphic apps, interactive Action Scripting and of course the amazing and powerful Google Maps.

Through the years, I have been a strong advocate of online learning and interactive design. Building trail maps has given me the opportunity to share with others a visual overview of the parks I have visited.

Fairfield County Ride Guide 

An interactive guide to popular mountain biking locations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The site features interactive Google Maps and an array of related info.  Visit Site >

Pequonnock River Valley

The beautiful Pequonnock River Valley in Trumbull Connecticut is an amazing place. I worked as a Trail "Ambassador" there for a few years, fixing, building and mapping the trails. There is an extensive network of trails available and it is blessed with both historical ruins and breathtaking scenery. Visit Site >

Assorted Mountain Biking Trail Maps 

A few spots in the northeast.... Visit Site >