Friday, July 28, 2017

Graphing Jazz

Is Jazz Dead?

Even though Miles Davis’ 1959 Columbia recording “Kind of Blue” is still the biggest selling jazz album of all time with more than 20 million sold to date— Sony’s Columbia label, the former home of Miles Davis’ recordings, no longer signs jazz .

“With the advent of the celebrity-as-musician trend in the 21st century, artistry is quickly going by the wayside. Many of today’s popular artists can’t sing or play an instrument. They are all image and attitude. Jazz, always touted as America’s one true art form, is struggling to survive. The major record labels shy away from niche markets, and promotion and marketing money goes with the youth demographic, which is generally under-educated about the art of music. This presents a cultural and ethical problem.”
by Sal Polcino

Below are a few charts on and graphs on the great and sadly highly misunderstood art form.


Comparing Music 

Types of Jazz Listeners

Education Status of of Jazz Listeners

History (Timelines)


The Future of Jazz in America