Thursday, February 9, 2017

Antique Railroad Maps

Curious about the United States railroad history? (I find it fascinating). Besides the motherlode of early USGS topographical maps provided by the University of New Hampshire,, and a few other sites have a variety of interactive scalable antique map viewers. Here’s a sampling…

Map of the New York Central Lines 1904

Railroad Maps of the United States 1848
39 State and Regional Maps
Connecticut & Massachusetts & Rhode Island - 1925
United States - 1916 (New England)

Atlas of Railway Traffic Maps - 1922
by LaSalle Extension University - 15 maps


Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Santa Fe Railroad 1922
Burlington Route and Western Connections
Illinois Central Railroad and Other Eastern Lines
Southern Pacific Lines
Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad
New York Central Railroad
Union Pacific System
Chicago & North Western Line
Pennsylvania Railroad System

Historic Railroad Maps
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad System 

Trolleys/ Interurbans

Map of The Street Railways of Connecticut - 1912

Massachusetts Electric Railways - 1899