Friday, May 3, 2019

The Growth of Railroads in the Capital District

Charting the history and explosive growth in this area through a chronological series of maps...

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Historic Map Overlays

What a great way to compare yesteryear history with today: Historic Map Overlays!

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Jersey City Rail Yards - Then and Now

Newport, NJ, now a a white-collar corporate enclave of high rises, chain stores and franchise restaurants was born on the ashes of former massive railroad yards. It’s a fascinating story of decline and revival...

Mystery Ruins

Unraveling the mysteries of a forgotten trolley bridge...
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Sacandaga - Before and After

Flood On The Tracks - Last Days of the Gloversville And Northville. This interactive overlay  is  art of the Flood on the Tracks Presentation

Historic Maps (part one)

Old maps are fascinating... you can learn so much from them. Here are a few to enjoy...

1776 Map - New York

Provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of "Pensilvania" (note the early Dutch spelling)
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1895 - N.Y. land grants, patents, purchases 

David Rumsey Map Collection. Link to map 

1856 Greene County Map

Before the trains... before the Kaaterskill Hotel... the Catskill Mountain House and the twisting stagecoach road to get up there... Link to Map