Tuesday, January 7, 2014

USA Carbon Footprint: Cities vs. Suburbs

Yikes!!  America's urban centers are locked inside vast rings of emissions-spewing suburban sprawl.

According to a new study, population-dense cities contribute less greenhouse-gas emissions per person than other areas of the country, but these cities’ extensive suburbs essentially wipe out the climate benefits. Berkely Article >

Carbon footprints 
Check out the Interactive U.S. Map >

Beefing Up Population Density Won't Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our suburbs are responsible for 50 percent of America's household emissions – twice as much as their urban counterparts.

City dwellers tend to have smaller carbon footprints than their suburban neighbors. They use more public transportation and live in smaller abodes, whereas folks in the suburbs own more vehicles, have bigger homes, and enjoy larger household incomes. Article >

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