Saturday, March 8, 2014

Retracing Abandoned Railroads and Trolleys

Trail Signs and Historical Maps

My latest projects have involved retracing the Right Of Way’s (ROWs) of railroads and trolleys in the vicinity of where I grew up in upstate NY. Historical Topo Maps are of course consulted and detailed satellite maps are a great tool for finding the remnants of these abandoned lines in today’s world. Often, when zooming in on satellite views, it is amazing to see how easy it is to follow the ROW that way.
Once out in the field, it is nice to find Kiosks and Trail Signage that details the history behind trail and the scenery you can expect to see along the way.
Simple infographics from yesteryear do a wonderful job of fusing map info with related visuals of landmarks.

Check out the various early railroads and trolleys documented and the large array of maps provided. (Schenectady Railway, Saratoga's Electric Railways, Saratoga & Schulyerville Railroad)

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