Monday, December 15, 2014

Geostrategy - Worldwide American Military Presence

The Big Mystery…
The U.S.A. is deployed in over 135 countries worldwide. There are more than 1,000 U.S. military bases dotting the globe. Nobody knows the exact number for sure - being strategic and due to the instability in the world much is kept secret...

Mega Bases
Former Yugoslavia, Iran, Afghanistan are a few of the countries with American Mega-Bases with the usual assortment of Burger Kings and Popeyes, basically  transplanted  nothing U.S. town on foreign soil, bustling in a way increasingly rare for actual American towns these days, part of a planetary military deployment of a sort never before seen in history.  The staggering size, scope, and strangeness of all this is seldom considered, analyzed, or debated in the American mainstream.

Historical Maps of U.S. Expansion

Link to Maps...

Middle East Geostrategy

Petroleum and International Theatre of War 
in the Middle East

Worldwide Presence

Interactive Map of U.S. Army Bases


See the world’s foreign military bases from outer space 
Article (Google Earth)

U.S. Military Bases >

Great Google Based map that shows everything
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