Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ballston Lake - Native American Trails

Did You Know?  

Ballston Lake, NY has long been recognized as being on the trail leading from the Mohawk River at Rexford/Alplaus, north along the Alplaus Creek to the lake and thence north and northeast to Saratoga Lake and the Hudson Valley (see map below). Also, further travel east up the Hoosick Valley is known to have existed, which provided a means of entry into New England.

Stone Hearths, Shelter Remnants, Shell Refuse Pits, Flint Points and Ceramic Pottery Fragments were found at the Seman site and documented in this Massachusetts Archaelogical Society Bulletin in 1965. Link  > (PDF )

These trails provided Native American tribes at least one means of contact with New England from the Ballston Lake area. By this route, as well as others no doubt, ideas are thought to have flowed in an easterly direction.

Glacial Origins
As detailed on this page > (Scroll to 4 - East Line Turn to see map of the Ballston Lake-Round Lake Channel), geologically, Ballston Lake is a part of the remains of the early post-glacial Mohawk River.  Later it was diverted to its present course to the Hudson River through the Aqueduct Cliffs at Rexford, New York.

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