Sunday, November 1, 2020

NYC - Antique Maps

 Interest zoomable/pannable antique maps of New York City

Original 1859 Topography of Manhattan Island

This map, compiled from old Surveys and records, was intended to exhibit the general localities of the original drainage streams, without defining the precise points at which they would intersect the Streets and Avenues in 1859.
Author: Viele, Egbert L. - Date: 1859   View Interactive map at David >

NYC - Battery to 80th St. -1859

Topographical Map of the City of New York 1865

The map shows all the original water courses of Manhattan Island, with the street grid superimposed on top. Three different kinds of land are shown: Marsh, Made Land, and Meadow.
Author: Viele, Egbert L. - Date: 1865.  View Interactive map at David >

NYC Topo 1865

An aerial illustrated view of New York City 1931

1931 illustrated map  showing city blocks, streets, roads, railways, landmarks, buildings, parks, etc. Includes note on Rapid Transit facilities. Copyright Herald Square Hotel. 
Author: Herald Square Hotel Date: 1931 View Interactive map at David >

NYC Aerial View - 1931

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