Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Best Data Visualizations of 2020

 A few selections from the visme site...

Plastic Bottles

Humans are addicted to drinking water from plastic bottles. This has turned into a huge garbage problem. This visualization shows the piles of plastic bottles in relation to famous landmarks and cityscapes. Source #5

Space Junk

Data artist Federica Fragapane was commissioned by the BBC to create a data visualization about Space Junk. The data sets are separated into different categories; the distance from the earth, the types of space junk, and the size and mass of the objects. Source #10


Migration waves is a visualization of data from 50 years of migration. The black and white waves over the yellow background create a wonderfully visual rendition of the data. It’s interesting to see in which countries more people leave and in which countries more people settle anew. Source  #21

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